Thank you for the memories....

It is with great sadness that we announce that this Saturday 27th August will be the last day of trading for our beloved Witham and Blues restaurant until a day when we hope that our business model regains profitability once again.

We appreciate that for many this will come as a complete shock and it’s shocked us at how fast a once profitable business has been decimated by market forces and rising costs.  Our small team have worked tirelessly to keep our heads above water, our customers have supported and our nights have remained busy with the memory making and special occasion magic we have always known and loved BUT… the world’s economic climate and government policy is working against us. 

To our team… we are indebted to you for the hard work, for the commitment to making our business work especially over the last 2 very tough years.  You are incredible people with such huge talents and it has been our pleasure to work with you and we hope that you take your experience and memories from your time with us into your future.  Leave knowing that you did everything you could, everything we asked of you and you made us incredibly proud.  You are the beating heart and the soul of Witham and Blues.

To all of our customers over the last 11 years. We are so incredibly grateful of your support of our business.   Every time you have chosen to dine with us just know we appreciate you! Our doors may close but our hearts will not.   Many of you have become our friends and we’ve seen your families grow and been there to see all of your celebrations.  This is not a  closure due to lack of support, it wasn’t a “use it or lose it” situation.
You came out!  You showed up!  You supported us through thick and thin!
There was nothing more you could have done. Especially during the last year or so you guys really kept us going.   Our customers really are THE BEST!  Trust us when we say, we will miss YOU even more than you will miss our RIBS!
We know that we are not alone in the fight to keep our business going in this economic climate and to every business owner who finds themselves in the trenches alongside us you have our admiration and respect.  We know only too well the heart wrenching struggle, the cash flow bank account top ups and the sleepless nights trying to keep your company in the black for your employees in the hope it will come good. 
We see you.   
To our suppliers, thank you.  We know you feel the struggle too and we wish you all the best for the future and hope that you can ride the storm.  We could not have come this far without your amazing service and great quality ingredients. 
There may be opinions and comments but please be kind.  No one plans to close their business, it’s truly a worse case scenario and a living nightmare.
Thank you all for the memories…
Maddy, Bob, Lesley, Victoria and Neil x
The Business Bit….  
If you have a booking after our closing date then our team will attempt to contact you to cancel this week.
Any outstanding gift vouchers can be redeemed at our sister restaurant V-ATE in Sutterton until 31st December 2022.
Witham and Blues Ltd. may be closing but our other family businesses are unaffected.