Our Menu is more Limited to make it easier for our Chefs to Social Distance.
We are sorry if your favourite dish is missing.

Collection from here in Langrick or Pick a Drop Point Pick Up Near You!

How to Order... 01205 280546

  1. First of all you need to decide if you are picking up from our restaurant in Langrick (PE22 7AJ) or if you are going to meet our delivery van at one of our "Drop Point Pick-Ups".

  2. Have your order ready to read out to us over the phone.  Remember that our mains don't come with sides so you will need to add those on if you want them.

  3. Have your card ready to pay for you order as this payment will be made over the phone.  We can text you receipt to you.  

  4. Our team will run you through the guidelines for your chosen collection or delivery option.

  5. Get ready to eat our delicious food!

    PLEASE NOTE - There is a minimum spend on Drop Point Delivery Orders of £25 and any cocktails or bottled beers ordered must be purchased alongside one main course per drink in accordance with our licensing restrictions. 

Order Cut Off

We are taking calls Wed - Sat 12pm - 9pm only. 

As we have to control both the footfall into our building and the capacity of our delivery vehicle we have to book you in for a delivery or collection slot.  

We are also anxious not to overwhelm our team to the point that they can't concentrate on their own safety and also the safety of our customers so keeping a steady flow is integral to our system working for everyone!

We advise you book in as early as possible.  The Drop Point Delivery orders will have a minimum 1 hour cut off before each route begins.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Our team members will all be wearing face masks and visors.

We ask that you pay for your food in advance over the phone even if you are picking it up to avoid cash payments or the handling of chip and pin machines.

If you chose the Drop Point Pick Up then your food will be delivered in our Heated Delivery Van.  The ovens constantly run at over 63°C as per hot holding guidelines.  This means your meals should arrive piping hot as if they had just left our kitchen.

Any cold items will also be delivered chilled as we also have a fridge on board keeping your food at below 5° C in accordance with chilled food best practice.

If you are collecting from the restaurant we ask that you clean your hands with our anti-bacterial gel before entering through the front door.  We have space for 4 customers to come in and wait for their food but please only send one person from your household in to collect.

We will be leaving the restaurant front door open during collection times so that the restaurant is well ventilated and so that you have one less contact point to touch.

There will be no access to our toilets or our bar whilst you are on site so please don't ask our team if you can come any further into the building than the main entrance.

Our team have been split into three "bubbles" in order to keep them safe too.  Our kitchen team are keeping their 2 metre distance from the Front of House Team and our Delivery Team are also keeping their 2 metre distance.

If you are collecting from the restaurant or picking up from one of our Drop Points please keep your 2 metre distance from our team until you are called forward.  

The Drop Point Routes



Our Delivery Van will stay at each Drop Point for approx 5 - 10 mins.  If you miss your pick up point you are welcome to drive to the next pick up point on the route to grab your food or you can meet us back at Langrick.

If you are not at the pick up point within your alloted time then your food will remain on the vehicle but the vehicle will have to leave to get to the next stop.  No discount or refund will be offered for food that has not been picked up at the alloted time.




Our team will take orders for delivery to the local area after 8pm.  You will be advised of a time when placing your order.




Our team will take orders for delivery to the local area after 8pm.  You will be advised of a time when placing your order.

Our Menu is more Limited to make it easier for our Chefs to Social Distance.
We are sorry if your favourite dish is missing.

Cocktails to Go

We know that some of you will not be able to order a Witham and Blues Takeaway without the thought of having one of our cocktails!  Ellice is back behind the bar and she is going to rustle up some of our favourites in the coming weeks!

The Pornstar Martini £6.50

Passionfruit Puree and Orange Juice Laced with Sugar Syrup and two Premium Vodkas with a hit of Vanilla.

The Pina Colada £6.50

Bacardi and all the tropical tastes of a Caribbean Island! Who cares if you can't go on holiday... we will bring the holiday to you!

The Cheeky Vimto Daiquiri £6.50

Bacardi based with a Vimto Kick!

The Bubblegum Quarantini £6.50

Vodka and Chambord with a slight fizz and a pop of Bubblegum!

The Lockdown Summer Spritz £6.50

Captain Morgans steering this fruity summer cruise!
We operate a Challenge 25 Policy on all Alcoholic Drinks even if we deliver so have your ID ready just in case you are looking super sprightly!  
Also we have to insist that for every one cocktail you purchase a main course in order to comply with our licensing restrictions.  

So Order Now... 01205 280546

We are taking calls for orders Weds - Sat 12pm - 9pm!
Please remember that as most of our team are still furloughed or only working service hours that this leaves Victoria or Maddy to answer your calls working from home and they have little ones and very yappy dogs.  We will do our best to be professional at all times but sometimes we might drop the ball on that one and have to call you back whilst we get a little person a drink, tend to a screamy baby or let the dog out to bark at nothing for the 10th time today! 
That being said we are so looking forward to chatting to you and getting to see some of your faces this weekend!  It has been so long!!
Maddy, Victoria, their Mum Lesley and the three little ones who like to make lots of noise when their mummys are on the phone!  Oh and Santa of course!
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