Booking a Table During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are so excited to be welcoming you back into our restaurant at last!

We want you to know that we have taken all of the steps to keep you safe as well as making sure that the members of our team that are serving you also feel comfortable and relaxed at work.

We have popped together a little guide to advise you on what might be slightly different to your last visit because of the new government guidelines....


When you book....

We are currently only taking bookings over the phone for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from August 6th 2020.  We hope to extend the hours when there is a demand.

You can call Wed - Sat between 12pm - 9pm and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Due to the restrictions we can't take as many bookings as we normally would making restaurant space at a premium.  We will be asking you to pay a small deposit of £5 per head to reserve your booking.  This will be refunded to you on arrival of your full party at the restaurant.  Cancellations will be required by 3pm on the day of the booking for deposits to be returned.  We have always been reluctant to enforce taking deposits but in the current climate no-shows on bookings could have a very detrimental effect on our financial situation.

We can only take bookings of up to 6 people (this includes children and babies).  Please don't ask our team to exceed this amount or to book your larger group over multiple tables if you do not intend to social distance from one another as this could leave our team members and other guests feeling very uncomfortable.

Guests booking a pre 7.15pm table will have a 2hr restriction at your table in order to give us the opportunity to rebook the table later in the evening and to stagger arrival times for our guests throughout the evening.  

We want you to have an amazing time whilst you are here with us so have a read through the rest of the details on this page before you book so that you know exactly what you are in for.

Our Team

We are still running on skeleton staff to keep them safe and to give them a small work bubble reducing their risk to one another and to you.  

We would like to think that althugh a smaller team we will still be able to offer you the exact same service as we always have as we are also unable to fill our restaurant to capacity under the restrictions.  Hopefully the two things will even themselves out.

Our team will not be wearing masks but will be wearing full face visors.  We made the decision to forgo the masks so that you can see our faces smiling at you whilst we serve you as well as making it easier for our guests who rely on lip reading.

Our team will still come and take orders at your table but we will keep our distance as much as possible and we might ask for a bit of help when passing your plates and clearing your table in order to reduce our proximity to you.

Our Menu

Our Menu will essentially be as it always was although slightly reduced.  We are making sure to keep all of the old favourites on there but as we have scaled back our kitchen team we have made a few tiny alterations to make sure that they are not running about like two headless chickens!

If you know that you absolutely want a steak when you visit us (fillet or porterhouse) then we would love for you to mention it when you book please.  It will help us to know what to order and will save any disappointment if that is what your heart is set on.  We will have steaks available to order on the night but when they are gone they are gone so we advise you let us know if you really really want us to save you one.

We are still finalising the exact dine in menu but trust us that it will include all of our signature dishes such as Ribs, Meatloaf, Buffalo Wings, Lasagne, Steaks, Hot Dogs, Burgers, The WB Sliders, Hickory Chicken and much more!  We will pop it up online as soon as we have it completed!

The Rules according to Boris

There are a few things that we are going to need you to do to help us stay within the guidelines and we really hope that you will.  We don't want to have tell anyone off so please don't put any of our team in that position... remember that we didn't set the rules the government have, but, we may be asked to close if you don't follow them.

  • Please stay at your table at all times unless you are off to the toilet or heading for a cigarette.
  • If you are bringing children with you we must insist that they also stay seated at the table and only get up when accompanied by an adult from your party. 

    If you don't think that your little ones can do this then maybe wait until the restrictions have been lifted before you head back to see us.  We don't have any problem with the use of ipads, tablets and electronice devices to keep them entertained so long as the volume is kept to a sensible level so that it does not disturb others.
  • When you visit the toilets please manage the risk to yourself and others by social distancing.  We ask that as much as possible you use a "one in one out" rule and make sure not to cross in the narrow corridor.  We will have some signs up to remind you.
  • There will be a walkway in place for you to use to ensure that you are a safe 1m+ from other diners.
  • Please don't come up to members of our team or up to the bar to ask for anything.  We will be popping flags on your tables that you can wave and we will come to you. We will be super attentive we promise.
  • As far as possible we would love for you to use contactless forms of payment but we will accept cash.
Just one more thing... we know lots of you love our music but we have to keep the volume a little lower than usual because you guys are not supposed to shout over one another (it's in the dang rules) so our music will be at a slightly lower volume than normal.  We don't think it will change the atmosphere too much and who know you might get to hear some juicy gossip without all of that music blaring in your ears!

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